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Rideshare Information

Want to share travel costs??
Looking for someone going in your direction??
The Town of Belmont now has a Rideshare parking lot available for commuters looking to share a ride and reduce their commuting costs.Ride Share Logo

The lot is available for cars, motorcycles and bicycles alike. Check it out! - and while you're at it, visit the State of NH Rideshare website for more information about how to connect with others in the area who are interested in sharing a ride.

A Belmont Master Plan Initiative - Preparing for Tomorrow's Needs Today

View / download a PDF version of the Rideshare Ordinance

Located at 798 Laconia Road, Belmont Facility Courtesy of the Town of Belmont

Photo's courtesy of Rick Ball

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The Town of Belmont prohibits discrimination on the basis of race,
color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, martial or
family status. The Town of Belmont is an equal opportunity employer