Belmont Police Department
In Officio Virtus Probitasque
"Virtue and Honor in Duty"

Operations Division

Belmont Police Department - Operations Division
Sgt. Richard W. Mann - Commander

The Operations Division of the Belmont Police Department is the largest and most visible division of any police department, Patrol.  All police officers start their law enforcement career in this division.  This Division is commanded by Sgt. Richard W. Mann, assisted by two patrol shift supervisors, Corporal Stephen Akerstrom and Corporal Adam Hawkins.

Patrol Officers are responsible for the patrolling the 30 square miles of land and approximately 100 miles of road that make up the Town of Belmont.  These officers are the initial responders to complaints that range from barking dogs to violent felonies.  These officers also investigate crimes and accidents that occur within our jurisdiction.  Patrol is also responsible for proactive law enforcement techniques such as traffic enforcement, property checks, directed patrol in targeted areas and other programs which will help reduce crime or problems in the Town of Belmont.

All of our officers get the same basic training which includes our 12-week Recruit Field Training Program, the 14-week Recruit Police Academy and then several basic criminal investigation schools after their graduation. 

The following duties are also the responsibility of the Operations Commander:
  • Quartermaster - Responsible for equipping and controlling all department uniforms, firearms and equipment.
  • Plant Maintenance - Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the physical building.

  • Vehicle Maintenance - Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all the cruisers and vehicles.


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