Belmont Police Department
In Officio Virtus Probitasque
"Virtue and Honor in Duty"

Belmont Police Department
P.O. Box 320
16 Fuller Street
Belmont, New Hampshire 03220

Telephone Directory
(603) 267-8351 - General

(603) 267-8350 - Emergency Dispatch 

(603) 267-8361 - Administration

(603) 267-8359 - Fax

or 911

Town of Belmont



Mission Statement

Welcome to the 

Belmont Police Department

Thank you for visiting the website for the Belmont Police Department.  This site will provide you with information about our department, what programs we will be participating in or hosting and other information that we hope will be helpful to you, our residents.  We would also like to thank Mr. John Frick of Belmont High School for his technical help in bringing you this site.

The men and women of the Belmont Police Department are proud of the job that we do and the community that we serve.  We set high standards for ourselves and live up to our motto; "In Officio Virtus Probitasque" which translates to - Virtue and Honesty in Duty.

The Belmont Police Department, is a full service law enforcement agency that strives to provide the residents, businesses and visitors to the Town of Belmont with quality law enforcement.  This means that we are not only reactive but proactive.

The members of the Belmont Police are always looking for ways to improve the quality of service that we provide and try to stop problems before they begin.  While we are a busy agency, we are never to busy to handle your complaint or work with someone to prevent a problem from occurring.    

If you are in need or think you are in need of law enforcement services, no matter how trivial you may think it is, please call us.  If we can help or give you advice, we will do the best that we can.  Remember, we would rather be called and find out it was nothing, than not get called and find out it was something.

The Belmont Police Department currently uses the following technology to keep our residents informed.

All of our technology is free for you to subscribe to.  Click on the below images to take you to our technology page.






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Sobriety Check Points


The Regional DWI Task Force will be holding sobriety check points





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