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A Message from the Chief

Years ago, we trained our children not to speak to strangers, we bought items in the store and actually met people face to face.  Now with the advance of technology, we have the same problems with a new twist; the Internet.

The “net” is a wonderful tool for children and adults. It can take people to places that they only dreamed of, it is an invaluable training and teaching tool, and it is a form of relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, with new things come new problems. These problems come in the forms of fraud, theft, mistrust and sometimes even worse.

The Belmont Police Department has tried to keep up with the changing technology and have already assisted people with internet complaints. 

Included on this site are some hints to help you stay out of trouble as you “surf the net”. Please, don’t become a victim, use common sense, protect yourself and your loved ones. If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to call us.

The Belmont Police Department is committed to keeping our residents safe from predators and scammers.  We have officers trained to forensically examine computers for criminal cases as well as officers who teach internet safety to both adults and children.  If you would like to arrange to have an officer speak to your group or help educate you in the use of the internet, please call us at 267-8351.


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