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"Virtue and Honor in Duty"

Department Prosecution

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Laconia District Court
(603) 524-4128

Laconia Family Division Court
(603) 524-3570

Belknap County Superior Court
(603) 524-3570

Belknap County Attorney's Office
(603) 527-5440

Belknap County Department
of Corrections
(603) 527-5480

NH Probation & Parole
Laconia Office
(603) 528-9240

NH Public Defender's Office
Laconia Office
(603) 524-1831


Belmont Police Department Prosecution

If you must appear in the Laconia District Court, or the Department of Safety because you received a summons or were arrested by the Belmont Police Department, you will deal with our Prosecutors, Ofc. David Estes or Ofc. Richard Bryant.

These Prosecutors answer directly to the Chief and are responsible for prosecuting all motor vehicle and criminal cases brought to the Laconia District Court and all administrative hearings held at the Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles.  They handle all motions, trials, arraignments and hearings.

Ofc. Estes is responsible for disposing all adult cases brought forth by the Belmont Police Department while Ofc. Bryant is responsible for all juvenile prosecutions.  

If you have questions about arrests, the issuance of traffic tickets, subpoena service or an upcoming adult motor vehicle or criminal case, please contact Ofc. Estes.

If you have questions about Child in Need of Service Petitions (C.H.I.N.S.), Juvenile Delinquent Petitions or other Juvenile issues, please contact Ofc. Bryant.

You may contact either officer at (603) 267-8351


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