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Belmont Police Department
Public Safety Ordinance Information

The Town of Belmont has enacted several Public Safety Ordinances which are enforceable by the Belmont Police Department.

These ordinances are designed to help us protect the residents and visitors of the Town.

To the top left are ordinances.  Below them are the forms that are needed.

The Town has a Hawker & Peddler as well as an Itinerant vendor ordinance.

The basic difference between these two ordinances are basically:

The Hawker and Peddler Ordinance deals with people that are selling things door to door in the Town of Belmont.  This includes people going to residences and attempting to sell services such as paving driveways, painting and siding as well as the vendors selling wares such encyclopedias, meat and appliances.

The Itinerant Vendor Ordinance deals with people who want to set up a temporary "business" on their property or someone else's property.  This includes people who want to sell wares from a fixed location.  

The ordinances are listed to the left are pretty detailed and explain who is required to obtain a permit, all the requirements needed for you to obtain the permits and should answer any questions that you may have.  

A reminder to all applicants - Please be aware of the time requirements, if you fail to apply in time, your permit may be denied.  Also be aware that you must file the appropriate paperwork with the NH Secretary of State's Office as well as obtaining criminal and motor vehicle checks.

Any or all of the forms that you may need may be obtained through our website by clicking on FORMS to the left of this page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Chief of Police.



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