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Capital Improvements Plan

Capital Improvement Program Process

Review Process Chart
Funding Request Form


A Capital Improvements Plan is Not Just a Wish List  New Hampshire Town and City, September/October, 2016 by David L. Stack
The Best Planning Tool You Aren't Using: Capital Improvements Plans  New Hampshire Town and City, September/October 2014 by C. Christine Fillmore
Legal Q&A: Capital Budgeting and the Planning Board  New Hampshire Town and City, October 2011
Reserve Funds, Special Revenue Funds or Revolving Funds: Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job  New Hampshire Town and City, November/December 2005
NH Law on Capital and Non-Capital Reserve Funds  NH RSA

Approved Capital Improvement Program Plans

2019-2024 Plan
2018-2023 Plan
2017-2022 Plan
2016-2021 Plan
2015-2020 Plan  
2014-2019 Plan
2013-2018 Plan
2012-2017 Plan
2011-2016 Plan
2010-2015 Plan
2009-2014 Plan
2008-2013 Plan
2007-2012 Plan
2005-2010 Plan