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Belmont Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?   

It's the community's vision of Belmont - what the community wants to preserve and to achieve.  It's a list of goals - Belmont's To-Do List - to meet that vision.   

How Does it Help Belmont?

The Master Plan has many uses.  The goals list in the plan is a pro-active way in which the Community can direct its own future.  It guides on-going Community decisions in many areas - assuring they reflect the vision of the plan.  It guides the Planning Board in developing ordinances and the Community in financial planning.  It places Belmont in control of its future.   

Who Writes the Master Plan?   

Everyone in the community who participates is an author of the plan by sharing their thoughts on what's important to Belmont - now and in the future.   

More Info

A community's Master Plan is a reference or policy document.  It contains appropriate maps, charts and supporting text which presents the recommendations of the planning board, and offers guidelines for community decision makers.  the plan will probably be the most complete source of information about current conditions and trends within the community.  By presenting coordinated policies within the master plan, addressing such topics as future development, transportation, environmental protection, community facilities, and fiscal management, the plan should help a community meet change responsibly, guiding its growth in an orderly, constructive manner.  As provided by RSA 674:3 "...the master plan shall be made with the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing coordinated and harmonious development which will, in accordance with existing and probable future needs, promote health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity, or the general welfare as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development." 

Belmont's first Master Plan was drafted in 1970.  Subsequent plans were written in 1982 and 1992. The current plan is dated 2002.  A community should continually review the contents and direction of its Master Plan in light of the amount of change and growth it experiences so that the goals and objectives appropriately address the changing needs of the community.  Updates can be made to the Plan as a whole or by section as necessary. 

2002 Master Plan

On November 18, 2002, the Belmont Planning Board adopted the 2002 Master Plan Update. Full and text-only versions an be viewed along with Maps and a Summary Document.

Summary Full Version  Maps 

2002 Master Plan Records

Also available are records of the subcommittee reports, committee members, datafiles and more that went into development of the Master Plan. 

Planning Board Chairman
December, 2001
October, 19, 2001
Planning Board Meetings
February 11, 2002
March 11, 2002
April 8, 2002
May 13, 2002
June 10, 2002
July 8, 2002
August 12, 2002
September 9, 2002
November 18, 2002
Steering Committee
October 23, 2001
January 22, 2002
February 26, 2002
April 1, 2002
May 2, 2002
June 4, 2002
October 7, 2002
Community Facilities
September 19, 2001
October 11, 2001
Conservation & Preservation
July 9, 2001
October 29, 2001
Progress Summary-July 1, 2001
Historical-July 8, 2001
Historical-September 17, 2001
Education-July 9, 2001
Wildlife Habitat-July 12, 2001
Wildlife Inventory Plan
Deer Yard Plan
October 3, 2001
October 10, 2001
Land Use
September 26, 2001
Elderly Services-July, 2001
July 18, 2001
July 16, 2001
August 20, 2001
September 17, 2001
October 12, 2001
Utilities & Public Service
June 18, 2001
September 25, 2001
Questionnaire Results