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Staff List

    Fire / Emergency Mgmt / EMS
    General Assistance
    Land Use
        - Building
        - Code Enforcement
        - Conservation
        - Health
        - Planning
        - Zoning
    Public Works and Highways
    Solid Waste / Recycling
    Town Clerk / Tax Collector

Job Openings


Belmont Police Department
P.O. Box 320
16 Fuller Street
Belmont, NH 03220

603-267-8351 - Office
603-267-8359 - Fax

Emergency Numbers
603-267-8350 OR 911

Chief Lewandoski and the Belmont Police Department, through the efforts of Sgt Adam C. Hawkins and Adam St. Hilaire, have developed an extensive website providing a wealth of information about the department and police-related issues.

Click here to visit the Police Department pages...

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