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Staff Directory
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Town Offices
143 Main Street
P.O. Box 310
Belmont, NH 03220-0310

Town Organizational Chart

Akerstrom, Stephen Police Department Sergeant 267-8350
Albert, Rebecca Library Librarian 267-8331
Ball, Richard Land Use Land Use Technician 267-8300 x 25
Bavis, Gregory Fire Department Firefighter/EMTI 267-8333
Beaudin, K. Jeanne Administration Town Administrator 267-8300 x 24
Boisvert, Gary R. Police Department Corporal 267-8350
Bollenback, Katherine Library Library Assistant 267-8331
Boulanger, Evan Police Department Officer 267-8350
Breton, Janet Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation Director 267-1865
Brown, Ryan Fire Department Firefighter/EMTI 267-8333
Bryant, Richard Police Department Resource Officer 267-8350
Carbone, Jane Library Library Assistant 267-8331
Cashman, Jennifer Town Clerk/Tax Collector Clerk 267-8302
Cilley, Donna General Assistance General Assistance Director 267-8313
Clairmont, Christopher Public Works Laborer 528-2677
Clairmont, Craig Public Works Supervisor 603 528-2677
Daigle, Candace Land Use Town Planner 267-8300 x 13
Daisey, Allen Public Works Grounds & Maintenance Person 528-2677
DeRoy, Cynthia Town Clerk/Tax Collector Town Clerk/Tax Collector 267-8302
Drouin, Steven Public Works Truck Drive/Laborer 528-2677
Duclos, J'Lillian Library Library Assistant 267-8331
Elkin, Michael Fire Department Firefighter 267-8333
Estes, David Police Department Prosecutor 267-8350
Fleury, Aaron Public Works Equipment Operator 528-2677
Fortin, James Public Works Public Works Director 528-2677
Frank, Leslie Finance Finance Director 267-8300 x12
Gilbert, Danielle Police Department Dispatcher 267-8350
Gray, Derek Police Department Officer 267-8350
Greene, Frederic Fire Department Lieutenant/EMTI 267-8333
Gustafson, Eliza Police Department Detective 267-8350
Harris, Gina Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic 267-8333
Hawkins, Adam Police Department Sergeant 267-8350
Hurd, Donald Water Dept. Laborer/Technician 267-8301
Jewell, Eric Public Works Mechanic 528-2677
Joslyn, Walter Public Works Truck Driver/Laborer 528-2677
Kloetz, Kristopher Police Department Officer 267-8350
Lagace, Cary Assessing DRA Certified Assessing Assistant 267-8300 x18
Lewandoski, Mark Police Department Chief of Police 267-8350
Link, Joseph Sewer Department Laborer/Technician 267-8312
Mann, Richard Police Department Lieutenant 267-8350
Marcello, Joseph Police Department Resource Officer 267-8350
Marsh, Kelly Fire Department Firefighter/Paramadic 267-8333
McCarty, Sean Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief 267-8333
Mitchell, Geraldine Public Works Secretary 528-2677
Moulton, Raechel Police Department Detective 267-8350
Murphy, Elaine Land Use Administrative Assistant 267-8300 x 19
Murphy, Thomas Fire Department Firefighter/EMTI 267-8333
Murray, Loraine Library Library Assistant 267-8331
Newhall, Michael Fire Department Lieutenant/Paramedic 267-8333
Nolan, Ryan Police Department Officer 267-8350
Paquin, Steven Building Inspection Building Inspector 267-8300 x11
Parenti, David Fire Department Fire Chief 267-8333
Patten, Claude Public Works Equipment Operator 528-2677
Pickowicz, Joel Police Department Officer 267-8350
Riley, Patrick Police Department Officer 267-8350
Rollins, Denise Accounting Bookkeeping Assistant 267-8300 x 15
Smith, Kari Town Clerk/Tax Collector Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector 267-8302
Stevens, Jennifer Library Library Assistant 267-8331
Walker, Lori Police Department Administrative Assistant 267-8350
Weeks, Sarah Fire Department Administrative Assistant 267-8333
Wheeler, Nikki Police Department Town Treasurer/Dispatcher 267-8351
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The Town of Belmont prohibits discrimination on the basis of race,
color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, martial or
family status. The Town of Belmont is an equal opportunity employer