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Sargent Park

New Sargent Park Bathhouse

Plans going forth to build new bathhouse in Belmont  
Daily Sun 6/9/16

4/22/16   The Board of Selectmen have deferred taking action on the planned construction of a bath house at Sargent Park, behind the town police department building.  It is estimated that construction of the bath house will run about $27,000, with electrical work running $1,380.

The 2010 Plan NH Charrette examined the existing park and proposed an expansion of the facility. 
Sgt Park circa 1979-file photo
The development of the existing Sargent Park in 1979 was originally assisted with Land and Water Conservation Funds.  Outside of the Park, but on the same property also originally existed a Public Works garage and a Fire Station.  The Garage has since been removed and the Fire Station now houses the Police Department.
The existing park includes a skate park.  A playground for younger children was constructed in 2010 and in 2009 an eagle scout project built a shelter that is used for different events.  Adquate parking to support the proposed park expansion will be needed.

PlanNH 2010 Charrette Concept

The Revitalization proposal includes making the Park more attractive and pleasant.  The park will create real "Social Capital" with the many activities available.

A new Community Center is proposed becoming a focal icon connecting the park to Main Street.  
2010 Plan NH Charrette
PlanNH 2010 Charrette Concept
An indoor basketball court and recreation department offices are included. The center would have meeting rooms, a venue for arts and crafts, a multi-purpose room, a stage, basketball court and locker rooms.  The shed roof over the gym provides an area for Solar panels. 
PlanNH 2010 Charrette concept
In the park, a separation of the areas for older and younger children, and a BBQ are included. The tennis courts are relocated south of the new pavilion along the river. The horseshoe pits are placed along the fence to the west with a sitting area for older people, separated from the noise of the kids.