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Belmont Village Revitalization - A Village For All

2010-2015 - Phases 1 & 2 

 Contact: K. Jeanne Beaudin, Town Administrator
 Address:  PO Box 310
 143 Main Street
 Belmont, NH 03220-0310
 Phone:  603-267-8300 x 124 
 Fax:  603-267-8327
 Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm


In 2010 PlanNH held a Charrette in Belmont focused on the Village. The result of that effort by many, was to energize an on-going effort to revitalize the Village area and create a service and recreational center to provide for the needs and enjoyment of the community; a "Village For All".

"Passing through Belmont center a few days ago (for the first time in years), my wife Diana and I were astounded and amazed at the change and improvements! The sidewalks, landscaping, the signage, even the bandstand just wowed us. We didn't drive through this time - we stopped and looked.

Congratulations for working so hard all these years (despite a few setbacks I've read about) and turning downtown Belmont into a quintessential New England scene!"  Bill Hemmel, Aerial Photo NH

Project Updates

2017 Councilor Kenney tours Belmont's burgeoning trails  Winni Echo 9/21/17

2014  Local Officials Assist in Village Revitalization  WinniEcho 06/19/14

2014  The Town of Belmont is looking for a few volunteer "Green Thumbs" to assist us in maintaining the plantings and small gardens in the Belmont Village.  More..

2014  Belmont Rotary Places Memorial Granite Bench

2014  Municipal Water improvements underway.  Citizen 07/03/14

2014  Phase II of the Village Revitalization project is set to resume during the week of May 19th and will continue through mid-July. Some initial work was completed on the project in the fall of 2013. New waterline, sidewalk and road reconstruction on School Street will begin after school is let out in June.

2014  Phase II Revitalization Project Update - Pavement.  More...

Project Details

The knowledge and experience of the 2010 Charrette team created a springboard towards a long-range plan whereby the community can establish goals and develop a schedule of individual reasonably-sized projects.  This website contains documents, pictures, concepts and a record of many of our community projects and is an important glimpse into the community spirit from which these projects were envisioned and achieved.

Many changes have occurred in the community over the years since it was first settled, originally as part of the grant for Gilmantown.  For many of those years, public services including public water have been available to residents and businesses within the Village area.  In the early 1950s the municipal water system in the Village was completely renewed and expanded; and in the early 1980s a municipal sewer system was installed as part of the regional Winnipesaukee River Basin Project.
However, it may be said that the modern Village Revitalization initiative first began in 1995 with the construction of a new Fire Station funded by donations and volunteer labor.  Closely following was the reconstruction and rededication of the Belmont Mill for community purposes.  This was another community spear-headed project facilitated by the first PlanNH Charrette in 1996
PlanNH Project Profile 1996  PlanNH

In the intervening years between 1998 and 2010 several additional successful projects within the Village included:
  • Highway Improvements
  • Pedestrian Ways including sidewalks linking the Village to both the High School and Elementary School
  • Veteran's Monument Reconstruction
  • Community Events such as "Deck the Village", Community Concerts, Historic Walking Tours
  • Ride Share Lot
  • Bandstand Park Dedication
  • War Memorial
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrade at the Mill and Sgt Park
  • Expanded and enhanced Village parking
  • Purchase of the Corner Meeting House for community meetings

The community continues to express its support of such Village revitalization through their donations, volunteerism, particpation and appreciation.

PlanNH 2010 Charrette Concept2010 Plan NH Charrette was held to develop a comprehensive vision for the Village.  This website has been created to distribute information, gather comments, provide answers and document this multi-year project to revitalize the village and provide those services and amenities designed to create a "A Village For All"
Vision of Belmont's Future mapped out during intensive charrette Winnisquam Echo 6/8/10
Plan NH Team to hold workshop June 4-5 on the future of Belmont Village  Union Leader
Revitalization News  Belmont Community Newsletter 10/11
PlanNH 2010 Charrette Sessions
PlanNH 2010 Charrette Sessions
 Excellent references for additional information on the history of the community include:
  • Daniel Lancaster, The History of Gilmanton, (Gilmanton, Alfred Prescott, 1845)
  • Wallace P. Rhodes and the Centennial Book Committee, Reminiscences of a New Hampshire Town; The Belmont Centennial 1869-1969, (Concord, The Capital Offset Co., 1968)
  • Diane M. Marden and the Belmont Historical Society, Belmont, Postcard History Series, (Portsmouth, Arcadia, 2006)
  • Marden, Diane M., Belmont NH Heritage; Through The Years,
Charrette Listening Sessions

PlanNH 2010 CharretteReview the specific issues and desires identified for Belmont's Village during the 2010 Plan NH Charrette.
What did residents want as services and facilities in this Community Center?  What did they identify as important to preserve and important to add during this multi-year intiative?
Click on the session picture to the left to find out!

Revitalization Committee Meetings

First Public Meeting - December 15, 2011

The First Public Meeting was hosted by the Village Revitalization Committee on December 15, 2011.  Much information was shared on preliminary options presented by the Project Design Team on Phase 1 of this multi-year project. Residents and Business Owners provided valuable comments regarding needed Village facilities and amenities they would like to see incorporated into the plans.
Preliminary Design Option 1
Preliminary Design Option 1
Preliminary Design Option 2
Preliminary Design Option 2

Second Public Meeting - February 22, 2012
Mill Street ConceptThe Second Public Meeting hosted by the Village Revitalization Committee was held on February 22, 2012 at the Corner Meeting House.
Preliminary Plan Concept
Revised Preliminary Design

Revitalization Committee Meeting - March 21, 2012 

Hoyle, Tanner 3/21/12 MtgHoyle, Tanner 3/21/12 MtgOn March 21, 2012, the Revitalization Committee met with representatives of Hoyle, Tanner Associates, Inc. to discuss Design Standards for the Phase 1 Project.  Click the pictures for more information. 

Third Public Meeting - April 11, 2012

Concept 04-11-12Third Public Meeting hosted by the Village Revitalization Committee to consider the final plans for Phase 1 of the Village Revitalization was held on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. 
Concept 04-12-12Preferred Option Map

Community Partnerships

Garden Artisans LLC
Belmont Heritage Fund
Bank of New Hampshire
Sargent Fund
Home Depot
Aerial Photo NH
Village Business News

Rustic Raven Bakery and Cafe  Winnisquam Echo


Belmont Village Revitalization Committee

Ronald Cormier, Chairman
David Morse
Shayne Duggan
Christine Fogg
Woodbury Fogg
Linda Frawley
Thomas Garfield
Alyce Jewell
Main Street Resident
Kenneth Knowlton
Wallace Rhodes
Jim Fortin, Director
Serena Moody
Carmen Lorentz, Executive Director
Bob Ferguson
Village Resident
Brian Loanes
Belmont Village Revitalization Design Team

Christopher Mulleavey, P.E.
Senior Vice President

Michael Castagna
William Davidson, P.E.
Randy Knowles, ASLA
Plan NH 2010 Charrette Team

Michael Castagna, Team Leader

Ina Castagna
Lee Berard
Scott Collard
 Patricia Sherman, FAIA
Miroslava Teneva
John Wacker
John Wacker & Associates
Christopher Williams, AIA
 Ken Wood
Robin LeBlanc
Michael Dugas, PE
Nancy Mayville, PE
Belmont 2010 Charrette Team
Ronald Cormier, Chairman
Jon Pike, Vice Chairman
David Morse
Shayne Duggan
Christine Fogg
Woodbury Fogg
Linda Frawley
Thomas Garfield
Alyce Jewell
Main Street Resident
Kenneth Knowlton
Brian Loanes
Gretta Olson-Wilder
Wallace Rhodes

Phase 1

Village Streets, Steetscape, Parking, Pedestrian Ways, Water & Sewer

Main Street ConceptPhase 1 of the Belmont Village Revitalization builds on existing accomplishments within the Village area and includes:
  • Upgrades to the existing municipal water and sewer lines
  • Reconfiguration of Mill and Center Streets
  • Expanded and enhanced parking
  • Extension of sidewalks and other pedestrian enhancements
  • Steetscape improvements include sidewalks with connectivity to all points and beyond, street lighting and plantings and trees throughout the area.
Phase 1 Plans

Lakes Region sees several construction projects in 2013
Citizen 12/27/13

Phase 1 of Belmont Village Improvements being readied for Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony  Daily Sun 5/21/13 

Belmont selectmen consider making some downtown roads one-way Citizen 5/7/13

Digging up downtown Citizen 5/2/13

Some shop owners see drop in business from Revitalization construction  Citizen 11/15/12

Revitalization project to start soon in Belmont  Citizen 8/3/12

Delays coming as Belmont upgrades infrastructure  Union Leader 8/2/12

Selectmen award revitalization bid  Citizen 7/10/12
Belmont Village Building Owner Protesting Closing of Mill Street  Daily Sun 6/23/12 
Project is out to Bid! - Update  06/13/12
Old Home Day Will Have to Relocate Due to Extensive Summer Work on Belmont Green  Daily Sun 5/12/12
Important Project Funding Update 02/13/12

Project News
8/21/12 - Special Town Meeting - August 21st
The Belmont Board of Selectmen will hold a Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 from 11 am to 7 pm at the Belmont High School Cafeteria for the purpose of ballot voting on the following two articles:
Article #1: To see if the Town will vote to discontinue completely, with the title in the land to revert to the abutting properties, a portion of Mill Street, so-called, in Belmont Village. The portion to be discontinued is that which runs between Main Street, so-called, in a generally east-west direction between the land now or formerly of McDonough and land of the Town of Belmont to a line 40 feet offset of the centerline of the reconstructed Mill Street. This discontinuance shall take effect upon the Board of Selectmen deeming the reconstruction of Mill Street to the north and west of the Town Library and Bandstand to be completed.
Article #2: To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to purchase certain real property at 154 Main Street, Belmont, identified in the town's records as Tax Map 122, Lot 008, now owned by William and Carolyn McDonough, for the use of the town. The Selectmen have sufficient funds legally available to be expended to purchase the property, so no appropriation is required. The purchase price not to exceed $250,000.
The Deliberative Session to discuss the two articles will be held at the Corner Meeting House in Belmont, on Monday, July 23, 2012 beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Note: Exact wording of the articles above is subject to change upon review by legal counsel. The Warrant for the Special Town Meeting will be posted at Town Hall, on the Town's website, at the Belmont Post Office and Public Library no later than Monday, July 9, 2012.

Town is Awarded Land Water Conservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service

The Town is excited to announce receipt of final approval of a Land Water Conservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service. The grant will be used to construct a pavilion next to the Belmont Mill and the River Walk planned along the Tioga River. Land for the River Walk was generously donated to the Town by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Persons in 2011.  The Town has been anxiously awaiting word on the grant since last fall.  Today's news was well worth the wait. The Town would like to thank all of the volunteers and staff who worked on this application and subsequent studies that were needed; their efforts are now being rewarded!  Work on the pavilion project can begin once the final report has been issued on the latest archaeological study.  Questions regarding the project can be forwarded to or by calling 267-8300.

Phase II Village Revitalization

Notice of a Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds have been issued in relation to Phase II of the Belmont Village Revitalization Project.  Comment period for the Impact Notice closes July 15, 2013.  Objection period for the Notice of Funding Release closes approximately July 31, 2013 (See Notice).
Phase 2 Plans
Environmental Impact and Funding Release Statement
Belmont applies for $355K Village revitalization grant  Daily Sun 1/9/13

Village Lighting Upgrade and Energy Conservation

A $95,100 American Recovery and Reinvestment grant successfully sought by the Heritage Commission in 2010 funded this 2011 lighting upgrade project for the Belmont Mill and Sargent Park.  Ornamental poles and fixtures at the Mill reflect earlier Village lighting with energy efficient LED bulbs. "Uplighting" focuses attention on the Mill belfry -  perhaps the most recognizable center site. Sargent Park reconfiguration included replacing 1000 watt bulbs with 400 watt illumination. Upgrades at the park include the entrance and complementing recently purchased recreational equipmentHeritage Commission Report

Selectmen spend more funds for matching streetlights  
Citizen 1/9/13
Belmont Heritage group wants new street lamps to look like old street lamps  Daily Sun

Expanded Village Parking - During 2011, the Town regulated and reassigned existing Village parking and constructed an additional 40 spaces to facilitate customer parking for Village businesses, access to the Town Offices and off-site residential parking needs.  The project included the enactment of a Village parking ordinance and appropriate signage and pavement markings. 
Police Newsletter
Belmont Selectmen Approve Parking Plan with Some 1-hour Spots  Daily Sun 6/7/11
Belmont Looking at Adding as Many as 30 Downtown Parking Spots  Daily Sun 5/3/11