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Belmont Rideshare Facility

RideShare 2008 - Staff Photo
The Rideshare lot, located at 798 Laconia Road (Route 106) has 42 spaces and is consistently busy providing a safe and convenient site for ride-sharing.  The lot is regulated by the Belmont Ride Share Ordinance and registered with NH DOT Rideshare which provides a forum for people to carpool. 
The project was nominated for the Golden Trowel Award in 2006 by the Greater Laconia Weirs Beach Chamber of Commerce.
Belmont Rideshare Opens  Citizen 7/16/05            Belmont Rideshare Receives Award  Citizen 1/16/06
Ride Share Cleanup - Staff PhotoRideShare Cleanup - Staff PhotoIn 2001 this lot was the site of an abandoned auto service station.  Worklng cooperatively with the State of NH, the Town accepted the property in lieu of back taxes and the State provided funding for lot cleanup which included underground storage tanks, buried drums, concrete, tires and the installation of water quality monitoring wells.

RideShare lot prior to cleanup - Staff PhotoPrior to the cleanup, the lot was being used as an informal Park & Ride.  In 2004, upon a recommendation of the Belmont Master Plan, Town Meeting supported the funding to construct a Rideshare facility.  The lot is also adjacent to the Jeff Marden Town Forest and furture plans include a pedestrian link from the lot to the Forest trail system.

Rideshare Sign
RideShare Sign 2006 - Staff Photo

Once the lot was constructed, local Girl Scout Jenn Ferguson, constructed a new message board as her Gold Award project.  The sign provides the Town with the opportunity to post important community news along this busy highway.