Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire
Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire

Staff Directory

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 Name  Department  Title  Phone #
(Area Code 603)
Akerman, Colleen Assessing Assessing Administrator 267-8300 x 118 
Akerstrom, Stephen Police Department Captain 267-8350
Austin, Susan Land Use Land Use Administrative Assistant 267-8300 x 109
Black, Deborah Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief 267-8333
  Town Clerk/Tax Collector Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector 267-8302
Boulanger, Evan Police Department Sergeant 267-8350
Cilley, Donna Welfare Welfare Director 267-8300 x 140
Clairmont, Christopher Public Works Laborer 528-2677
Clairmont, Craig Public Works  Public Works Director  528-2677 
Clark, Michael  Police Department  Corporal 267-8350 
Cobis, Zachary Police Department Patrolman 267-8350
Davis, Katherine Finance Finance Director 267-8300 x 112
DeRoy, Cynthia Town Clerk/Tax Collector Town Clerk/Tax Collector 267-8302
DiLorenzo, Marnell Police Department Dispatcher 267-8351
Dodge, Kyle Building & Grounds Laborer  
Drew, Christine Building Inspection Building Clerk 267-8300 x 132
  Public Works Sewer Laborer/Tech  267-8301
Ekberg, Mark Building  Code Enforcement Building/Code Enforcement Inspector 267-8300 x 111
Estes, David Police Department Prosecutor  267-8350
Gilbert, Eileen Library Library Director 267-8331
Golden, Patrick Building & Grounds Supervisor 581-9571
Hall, Jacob Police Department Patrolman 267-8350
Huestis, Joshua  Fire Department  Firefighter  267-8333
Jackes, Brian Public Works Assistant Public Works Director 528-2677
Jameson, Bradley Public Works Foreman 528-2677
Jipson, Alicia Administration Town Administrator 267-8300 x 124
Lewandoski, Mark Police Department Chief of Police 267-8350
Maccabee, Callista Library Library  267-8331
Manville, Nathan  Fire Department  Firefighter  267-8333 
McCarty, Sean Fire Department Lieutenant 267-8333
Moulton, Raechel Police Department Detective Sergeant 267-8350
Murphy, Thomas Fire Department Lieutenant 267-8333
Newhall, Michael Fire Department Fire Chief 267-8333
Patten, Claude Public Works Equipment Operator 528-2677
Pickowicz, Joel Police Department Officer  267-8350
Radue, Linda Library Library Assistant 267-8331
Riley, Patrick Police Department Coporal 267-8350
Rolfe, Kelly  Library  Library Assistant  267-8331 
Ryan, Thomas Fire Department Firefighter 267-8333
Santoro, Karen Land Use Land Use Technician 267-8300 x 125
Schultz, Lori Police Department Administrative Assistant 267-8350
Searles, Rebecca
Library Youth Services 267-8331
Smith, Leigh Town Clerk/Tax Collector Assistant Town Clerk/Tax Collector 267-8300 x114
St. Onge, Danielle Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation Director 267-1865
Stewart, Liz Land Use  Land Use Clerk 268-8300 x119
Terry, Matthew  Police Department Officer 267-8350 
  Water & Sewer Sewer Tech 267-8301
Thomas, Jennifer Town Clerk/Tax Collector Assistant Town Clerk/Tax Collector 267-8300 x 122
Waltos, Brian  Public Works Mechanic  528-2677 
Warburton, Brian  Police Department  Coporal 267-8305 
Weeks, Sarah  Fire Department Administrative Assistant 267-8333
  Land Use Town Planner 267-8300 x 113
Wheeler, Nikki Police Department Dispatcher 267-8351